Islamic Terrorist Who Stabbed French Woman to Death Was Tunisian Migrant

Islamic Terrorist Who Stabbed French Woman to Death Was Tunisian Migrant

Islamic terrorists continue to attack France and terror-friendly leftist media continue to cover up for them.

France24 reported the incident calling the culprit what he was – a suspected Islamist extremist – a Tunisian Muslim living in France who stabbed a female police employee in her throat. And as he attacked the mother of two with a knife, the terrorist Muslim ‘migrant’ reportedly shouted “Allah-u-Akbar” – the trademark Arabic slogan of Islamist jihadists when they launch an attack.

The story quoted French President Emmanuel Macron as:

Macron vowed on Twitter that “in our fight against Islamist terrorism, we will never give in,” identifying the murdered woman as Stéphanie.

While the real news sources specified the ethnic and religious background of the terrorist who murdered the French police employee, leftist-controlled media sources omitted the words “Islamist terrorist” or “Tunisian migrant” from their titles and in some cases entirely from their stories. The title of the BBC story read “French police station stabbing: Terror inquiry into Rambouillet knife attack”. International Business Times called their story “Knife Attacker In France Said To Have Watched Jihadist Videos”.

Conservative British paper Daily Mail was more on the mark in description of the incident in their title: “Paris terrorist who stabbed to death mother-of-two French policewoman watched videos glorifying jihad before launching attack”. What it missed was the word Islamist or Islamic instead of calling him “Paris terrorist”.

France has been plagued by knife stabbing attacks launched by migrant Muslim terrorists for years. The attacks have gained traction since fall in last year. In October a 21-year-old Tunisian migrant Muslim terrorist stabbed three people to death in Nice. As he stabbed French Christians to death outside a church, the terrorist shouted his jihadist slogan “Allahu Akbar”. That was days after a history teacher was brutally stabbed to death by another Muslim migrant terrorist from Chechnya.

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