Scientists Testify to Raise Alarm on Dangerous DNA in Pfizer Shots

Scientists Testify to Raise Alarm on Dangerous DNA in Pfizer Shots

The horrors of mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 are only coming to surface as more research is carried out to analyze the biochemistry of these shots that were sold as safe and effective by government and media.

Dr. Janci Lindsay of Toxicology Support Services is a toxicologist with a solid scientific background in biochemistry and molecular biology. She recently testified before the South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Ad-Hoc Committee on pandemic preparedness and raised alarm over the presence of dangerous DNA sequences in Pfizer shots for COVID-19.

In addition to the generation of dangerous spike protein inside the body, these shots have potentially cancer-causing DNA bits from viruses other than the COVID-19 virus and they can lead to antibiotic resistance resulting in more serious illness in future than that the patients had in their life.

Biochemist Dr. Phillip Buckhaults, who is a researcher in cancer genomics at the University of South Caroline, also testified at the hearing and urged lawmakers to investigate evidence showing the inclusion of these dangerous DNA bits in the Pfizer shots.

These expert testimonies represent only a few of the many concerned over the research findings earlier this year that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines by Pfizer contain sequences of SV40 – a cancer-causing virus that is known from the early years of the first polio vaccine which was contaminated with the virus.

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