European Investigation: Russia Not Behind Nord Stream Explosions

European Investigation: Russia Not Behind Nord Stream Explosions

Yet another big lie by the Ukraine-NATO alliance has been officially debunked – the claim that Russia sabotaged its own Nord Stream pipeline. The 3-month-long investigating by western European officials found no evidence of Russia’s involvement in the incident that happened in September and was called an act of terror by Russia.

The neo-Nazi government of Ukraine was quick to blame Russia without any evidence when the two pipelines – Nor Stream 1 and 2 – suddenly suffered leaks in September after Swedish seismologists reported underwater explosions from the pipeline’s location. Academicians from leftist universities in U.S. and Europe suggested the same without any evidence or believable rationale.

The baseless accusation that Russia will blow up its own pipeline was also echoed in a bizarre opinion piece by Rebekah Koffler, a Russophobe columnist for Fox News, Newsweek, and other American news sources.

But now those accusations and anti-Russian propaganda columns have been squashed by an investigation carried out by various countries in Europe as it found no evidence of linking the Nord Stream explosions and subsequent leaks to Russia.

Daily Express summed up the story of the investigation as:

Russia may not be to blame for the Nord Stream pipeline explosions, European officials have acknowledged, despite widespread accusations to the contrary in the days after the attack.

The embarrassment for Ukraine and its handlers in the west resulting from this failure to link Russia to the sabotage of Nord Stream is so big that many American media sources just ignored the story. Those western media outlets publishing it cited an unnamed American official saying that forensic investigations into the attacks were proving “exceedingly difficult”.

As of now, no apologies have been offered by the Ukrainian-American-Western propagandists to Russia for political finger-pointing in defense of  Ukraine’s neo-Nazi regime while their fake news media continues to lie for Ukraine and against Russia 24/7. It is worth noting that in February 2022, Joe Biden had openly expressed intent for attacking Nord Stream 2 if Russia invaded Ukraine, but the fake news media didn’t hold him a suspect after the pipe lines were attacked.

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