Paralysis Cases Rise Dramatically with Increased Vaccination in Pakistan

Paralysis Cases Rise Dramatically with Increased Vaccination in Pakistan

Lying and deception have been central to vaccine promotion via media and omitting details is the key to this strategy. WHO’s polio vaccination campaign is the prime example of such deception. As the vaccination coverage and doses are increased, so does the incidence of the disease.POLIO VACCINE

A recent story in Express Tribune informs that more than 860 cases of Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) have been reported from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province of Pakistan. This is the province where polio vaccination is carried out most extensively and, ironically, where most of the polio cases are reported.

AFP is a kind of paralysis that seemingly affects suddenly and is usually considered the common sign of polio. Its causes vary, and include enteroviruses among others, but the effect is the same – polio-like paralysis. However, vaccine industry doesn’t consider it polio and usually AFP cases are boxed in the “undetermined cause” category. This happens even in developed world – in California, for example, in February 2014, AFP was reported and termed polio-like paralysis.

In the third world, where the live polio vaccine is used, the incidence is much higher. India reported well over 50 thousand cases of AFP while it was declared a polio-free state by the WHO in 2013.

Media, always, avoids plunging into any serious investigation linking vaccine-derived viruses and AFP, though all vaccine-administering agencies admit that vaccine live polio virus can and does cause polio – renamed as vaccine-derived paralytic polio (VAPP). Media stories, like the recent one from Pakistan try to draw attention away from the possible causative role of the vaccine by blaming other factors or just claiming ignorance, aka “absence of evidence”.

However, in the above-mentioned report, “48 samples were confirmed to contain the poliovirus by early November” and by then only 231 reported cases of polio. So will the WHO and Pakistani authorities continue their game of lies and deceit or really start putting people’s health above the dollars around which the entire vaccination business revolves?

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