Pakistan Police Kill Infant with Tear Gas

Pakistan Police Kill Infant with Tear Gas

Police and rangers in Islamabad, Pakistan, have killed an infant and wounded several poor civilians who resisted to their forceful eviction operation in the slums.

Picture of the 6-day old infant's body killed by Islamabad Police
Picture of the 6-day old infant’s body killed by Islamabad Police

Pakistani papers report it as an operation against illegal settlements, conducted in Sector I-11of Islamabad, on the orders of the Interior Ministry. During the clashes policemen are also said to have sustained injuries. But what they are doing and what is not reported in mainstream media is getting a lot of attention on social media sites.

Awami Workers Party Islamabad on their Facebook page have been posting updates about this “operation” including pictures of the infant girl who reportedly died of the tear-gas-induced suffocation as the police used the gas to deal with the protesters.

Police and military in Pakistan have a long and ongoing history of corruption, abuse of authority, extrajudicial killings, and even involvement in organized crimes. When it comes to poor people, these law-enforcers set aside all consideration for humanity, law, or ethics, and the current operation is only a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. This is a geniune case of ethnic marginalization. The ppl have been living thr for decades and are Pakistani citizens mostly ethnic pashtuns. The Paki media in the begining called them illegal occupants later as the brutality became evident they started calling them afghan refugees and a few ours later they began reporting the presence of criminals and illegal weapons just because ethnic pashtuns are Afghans by race..

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