Pakistan: Child Vaccinated 9 Times Contracts Polio

Pakistan: Child Vaccinated 9 Times Contracts Polio

Like many other cases, the polio vaccine failed to protect a child in Pakistan. The child’s name is Noor and she is one and a half year old.POLIO VACCINE

English daily Express Tribune reports that the new case of polio was confirmed in Jacobabad, Sindh province. Noor had been given oral polio vaccine nine times! Despite this suspiciously high dosage of the vaccine, the child contracted polio.

But instead of commenting further on the case or giving more details, the paper suddenly starts giving stats on how many children will be vaccinated and how much security will be provided to the vaccination teams.

The paper does not mention whether the polio virus confirmed was of wild type or derived from the polio vaccine. There is also no mention of whether there is a scientifically demonstrated number of doses required to protect a child or whether the vaccine is safe.

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