Now They Say Flu Shot Protects against COVID 19

Now They Say Flu Shot Protects against COVID 19

Get ready for the joke again. Seeing that the COVID vaccines are getting out of business as more informed people are saying no to taking the useless and potentially dangerous shots, the pharma-serving science has suddenly come up with new research that says the flu shot is also effective against COVID. Yes, the comedy of fake health science is endless.

The story that appeared today in the leftist propaganda rag The News & Observer cited the University of Miami researchers who claim they analyzed patient data and noticed that patients who had their flu shots were comparatively faring better than those who remained unvaccinated. The story shares no data with the viewers to see for themselves and no other details to verify how credible the claim is, if at all– things like research methodology, limitations, conflict of interest, etc. The story says:

The idea is that flu shots boost activity of natural killer cells that work to control coronavirus infections by limiting their spread in the body, while other parts of the immune system work on destroying viral particles.

Interestingly, the propagandist who wrote this story seems to forget that her own story title “Your flu shot may protect against severe COVID, study finds — but it’s not clear why” suggests they don’t know how the flu shot helps with minimizing the so-called COVID’s severe symptoms. In other words, the analysis suggests a correlation not causation, and even the correlation has not been verified; just claimed by this one team who will be presenting it to others for verification.

The main source misinformation disguised as science comes from the discredited agency CDC that pushes vaccines, manipulates data to fit their pro-vaccine agenda, and walks back comments made by the quack that currently heads it.

It’s pretty simple to see the corporate-political agenda behind this new so-called research. A huge part of the population, inside and outside the United States, do not trust the quacks and hence are not taking the COVID shots. Then the flu shot is getting too out of business since the manufactured pandemic has shifted all business to COVID shots. So some science is needed to advertise the flu shot once again to the people. And what better way to sell a vaccine these days than finding it effective for COVID. That’s the whole story.

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