New Polio Vaccine Rushed to Fight Polio Caused by Oral Polio Vaccine

New Polio Vaccine Rushed to Fight Polio Caused by Oral Polio Vaccine

To help fight the polio caused by the oral polio vaccine, the vaccine industry is now rushing a new oral polio vaccine. How does that sounds? Wait till you learn more.

The Scientist reported on December 17th that the new “genetically engineered product” is being rushed to fight the “uncontained outbreaks of vaccine-derived polio.” This is significant first in the sense that popular media sources are unembarrasingly admitting that the oral polio vaccine causes polio, after being silent over it or just toning it down for decades.

But equally importantly and alarmingly, the new oral vaccine is being rushed to bypass important clinical trials. In other words, the vaccine will just be approved and get out in the field too test on people with the assumption that it works.

Not surprising though for more aware already have a good idea about how all these supposedly safe and effective vaccines are given the green signal by the authorities. Yet, openly rushing a product without the formal and required testing signifies the complete takeover of the pharmaceutical industry. Even the pretention of following scientific procedure is thrown out in the trash.

Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a sharp increase in the polio outbreaks caused by the oral polio vaccine that was stopped in the developed world decades ago because of its potential to cause polio but is still given to millions of children in the third world and less developed countries—countries essentially run by the rich corporate earthly lords.

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