When Should You File an Injury Claim?

When Should You File an Injury Claim?

by Allan Gregory

Nobody ever wants to deal with the messy situation that is an injury claim. However, being hurt because of someone’s negligence entitles you to fight for your right to compensation. Medical bills and lost wages aren’t easy burdens to suddenly handle. Having someone suddenly thrust these responsibilities onto you isn’t fair to you or your family. In times of distress, you’ll need assistance. 

In Indiana, speaking with an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer can help guide you through this difficult process. While you can’t wait too long to file your claim, you must also know the right time to file your injury claim. 


Do Not File Your Claim Too Soon

Immediately after your accident, you’ll want compensation for your damages. Putting your negative experience behind you may be your only goal right after your accident. Feeling eager to file your claim is a natural response, but waiting to file your claim can bring you greater results. 

To build a strong injury claim, you’ll need to have sufficient evidence of your injury resulting from the actions of the other party. You’ll also need to calculate your damages and ensure your claim includes every negative consequence your accident caused. Completing all of these tasks in a short time frame of time is highly unlikely for most people. 

Gather Your Evidence Before Filing Your Claim

As stated above, you’ll need to gather as much evidence as possible before filing your injury claim. Pictures, statements, and official reports are perfect examples of useful evidence. Without having proper evidence, winning compensation for your injury is extremely difficult because it will be your word against the word of the other party. 

For this reason, you can never have enough pictures of the scene of the accident or too many statements from witnesses. 

Document Your Damages Before Filing Your Injury Claim

Before you can seek compensation for your damages, you must first detail your damages. Whether your damages are physical, mental, or financial, you’ll need to document all your damages before you seeking compensation. Documenting the entirety of your damages is impossible immediately after suffering from your injury. Many people are still in recovery in the immediate aftermath of their accident. 

Speak with an Injury Attorney Before Filing Your Claim

Dealing with an injury claim is overwhelming for the average person. This overwhelming feeling is worse when you attempt to file an injury claim alone. Injury attorneys have experience with cases similar to yours and are eager to help you develop a strong case against the party that hurt you. 

The laws surrounding injury claims are complex and usually require trained eyes to understand them. Accident lawyers are here to help you even the odds and receive a fair chance of compensation. 

File Your Claim when You’re Ready

While you don’t want to file your claim too early or too late, you should always file your claim when you’re ready. This decision may seem stressful, but the advice of an injury attorney is always available to you. When you’ve gathered enough evidence along with all of your damages, you’re ready to file your injury claim and win your compensation.

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