Scene Pick: ‘Changeling’ – Davy’s Escape from the Killer

Scene Pick: ‘Changeling’ – Davy’s Escape from the Killer

Tragic, terrifying, and utterly revealing – Clint Eastwood’s Changeling (2008) is the kind of film that grabs your attention from the first scene to the closing credits. Based on true events in 1920s’ NY, the film shows the story of a mother (Angelina Jolie) whose little son goes missing. When she is pressured into accepting another boy as her son, a reverend (John Malkovich) takes it upon himself to expose the corrupt administration and help the traumatized woman find the truth about her son.changeling

Remarkable plot and excellent characterization combined with all the charisma of great direction and editing, Changeling is a film that takes viewers into the dark world of the most shocking crimes and the stakes of the establishment in public deception.

This scene from the film shows the scene of escape of some of the kids from the coop of the child abductor and killer who slaughtered his captive children by forcing one of them to help him. One of the survivors among those kids tells the detective how one child took the courage to help him escape in face of the terror of the killer.


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