Murderer of Sir David Amess Is a Somali Muslim Terrorist

Murderer of Sir David Amess Is a Somali Muslim Terrorist

The shocking murder of conservative British lawmaker Sir David Amess was committed by a Somali Muslim terrorist who had got British citizenship.

The suspect arrested for the brutal murder of Sir David Amess via stabbing is named Ali Harbi Ali, who planned the killing for over a week before carrying it out on Friday, October 15, according to Hindustan Times. The killer was referred to the British authorities for being a security risk but seemingly they ignored the alert.

Random Act of Terror or Political Assassination?

The Sun wrote that the investigation so far suggests that Sir Amess was not specifically targeted by Ali and it was unclear why Amess was chosen for killing by the Somali Muslim terrorist. The paper didn’t name the source but cited it as:

He was not targeted because of his political party. David Amess was not specifically targeted.

Many on social media, however, called the brutal murder of Sir David Amess an act of political assassination instead of just another Islamic terror attack. Conservative politician Nigel Farage said the same on GB News.

Media Hiding the Muslim Terrorist’s Face

Not surprisingly, mainstream media have been actively protecting the Somali Muslim terrorist Ali Harbi Ali. The Sun is the first and one of the few sources to date to show his picture in their story. Many sources did not include his ethnic background and most still don’t include his religious background as well as radical Islamic views that led him to savagely butcher the conservative Christian lawmaker in broad daylight in a church. The media and the left seem to be pretending to stay neutral in the situation. But it is obvious that they are celebrating the assassination of Sir David Amess and ae satisfied with the performance of foreign terrorists brought to the country to fulfill their political goals.

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