Trump Taken off Ballot in CO, Confirming America under Dictatorship

Trump Taken off Ballot in CO, Confirming America under Dictatorship

The deep state in the beleaguered United States has taken its next shot at the most popular conservative presidential candidate, Donald Trump, by banning him from being on the ballot in the state of Colorado. The myth of fairness and democracy is falling apart in this once great superpower.

Four deep state judges appointed by the state’s governor in Colorado voted today to ban Trump from being on the ballot in 2024. The political agents dressed as judges ruled that Trump is disqualified from holding the office of president under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, as reported in The Western Journal.

The lack of competence and level of knowledge of judges nominated by recent Democrat presidents can be seen in this clip of Senate confirmation hearings.

Since they are appointed based on their political affiliation, these judges are little more than puppets whose strings are in the hands of the people who appointed them. According these installed agents are used as weapons in political war to attack the candidate from the ballot who is unwilling to comply with the wishes of their masters. Trump was attacked in CO using these weapons.

When the presidential election was stolen from Trump in 2020 and the institutions supposed to safeguard against such a coup played along, someone commented on social media, “American has fallen.” Three years down the road, the decay and destruction under an illegitimate and anti-American administration are visible more than ever. The big question is whether the same court that let 2020 to be stolen from Trump will allow this level of election fraud where a real opposition candidate is not even allowed to run.

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