Drums of War: Iran Strikes Back at Israel

Drums of War: Iran Strikes Back at Israel

Iran has answered Israel’s attack on its embassy in Damascus, Syria, by launching drone missile strikes to hit at Israeli military targets.

On Saturday, Iran targeted Israeli military with drones and missiles in what The Epoch Times called Iran’s “Retaliatory Attack on Israel.” The paper wrote that this is the first time Iran has directly hit Israel via a military action and could lead to a major escalation between the two Middle Eastern foes.

A major war in Middle East has been the wet dream of the American deep state, notably the Pentagon that takes billions of dollars from its taxpayers in the name of wars to “defend” America’s allies. Last year, President Trump revealed that General Mark Milley, then the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had made a plan to attack Iran and wanted Trump to start the war. Miley denied the claim and has since retired from his position, staying out of media’s radar.

Independent journalist offered detailed commentary on Iran’s strike against Israel on his Rumble channel.

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