Media Hiding Identity of Serial Child Rapists in Sweden

Media Hiding Identity of Serial Child Rapists in Sweden

The open-border policy of EU countries made many countries an earthly hell for their natives. Sweden has since become the “rape capital” of the continent and most rapists are immigrants from the backward, mainly Muslim-dominated countries. Worse, the Swedish authorities and media tend to protect the rapists in whatever way they can.

In this context, perhaps it’s not a surprise at all that a Swedish paper didn’t reveal identities of two brothers recently jailed in northern Sweden for repeatedly raping a group of children over a period of 8 years. The Local wrote that two brother – both “Swedish nationals” – and in their 30s raped the vulnerable children hundreds of times and recorded some of it to create child rape porn—material that was seized from their property.

Now of course when you look at the story page, it exhibits a stinking degree of journalistic sloppiness—no names of the culprits given, no pictures/mugshots, and absolutely no description of the background of these brothers, either ethnic or religious or other. Throughout the story, the paper has used “older brother” and “younger brother” to refer to the criminals.

Saying “Swedish nationals” is the exactly the strategies the liberal, EU states and its institutions rely on to convey the feeling that there is nothing like foreign or outsider responsible for the destruction in question. Thus journalistic standards (whatever if any) are openly slaughtered—in a country that literally robs its people of their money in names of taxes in a welfare state.

Not giving away names serves the same purpose—names would convey the religious/ethnic background of the culprits and their citizenship history in the country, and this could stir up people’s emotions against the authorities and their anti-people policies.

Women in Sweden have already long been under sexual attacks by immigrants and their complaints and cries against the rapists’ invasion in name of immigration. Just days ago, hundreds of women protested in public over the increasing incidence of gang rapes of teenage girls in Malmo and the police’s advice to women against going out alone. Mainstream media around the world has seemingly suppressed that news too.

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