2017 Christmas Postathon

2017 Christmas Postathon

Christmas 2017 is here and I wish everyone a very merry Christmas! This year has taken some of my dear friends to the realm of the spirits. Just days ago Bernie Theus departed and I still try to believe she isn’t with us in this world anymore! Merry Christmas to Bernie, the wonderful friend and person that she is. Another friend Eddie Cintron passed last month and it was shock to me and all his loved ones. Also missing is Steve Campos of Portland, OR, who died of cancer this year. To all the friends who are celebrating Christmas Eve now, wishing you lots of joy and success in life. This post will be open throughout the day and updated with any Christmas news, messages, pictures, greetings and other updates sent in by the inhabitants of this universe. Let the postathon begin!

Snowy Christmas in Ann Arbor, MI

Victor Volkman is having a snowy Christmas at his house in Ann Arbor, MI.

Is Your Home Ready for the Best Christmas/New Year Gift?

What better gift to celebrate Christmas with than kindness? There are some truly wonderful gifts that are looking for a home. Is yours the one? Read about those gifts here. The Austin Animal Center is running a New Year’s adoption special for $18 from Saturday through Monday.

President Trump Answering Santa Calls

Earlier on Christmas Eve, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were answering children’s Santa calls. A short video clip is online and it’s sweet to see the US leader and the gorgeous First Lady participating in Christmas with kids.


Christmas with Perfect Strangers

It was many years ago. One Christmas day, the Perfect Strangers had this going on…

Michell Spoden – Cleveland,OH

Here’s our first Postathon message, and it’s from Michell Spoden of Cleveland, OH.

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