Measles Vaccine Kills 6 Children in Balochistan

Measles Vaccine Kills 6 Children in Balochistan

The measles vaccination has done it again – 6 children dead in Balochistan within 3 days of receiving the measles shot, which is touted as safe and effective by the vaccine industry and pushed by the World Health Organization (WHO) internationally and by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States.poison

Last year, the vaccine fraud claimed 9 children’s lives in Pakistan while making many more sick enough to be hospitalized. There was no accountability or independent investigation into the death of the children and the news dropped out of media – quite conveniently, saving WHO and Pakistan’s health authorities from any accountability.

For this fresh incident of vaccine-associated deaths, the authorities rushed to deny the role of vaccine in the deaths – as always happens. They blamed it on cholera/diarrhea and dehydration while the parents kept telling media the children were in good health until given the shot after which they fell seriously sick, ending up in hospitals and breathing their last while the doctors assumed silence over the cause of the deaths even after completing all their examinations and tests.

Interestingly, as the authorities tried to take the blame away from measles vaccine, they threw it on vomiting and dehydration. Well, those are the effects of the measles vaccine, besides other severe reactions including brain damage. Blaming vomiting or other effects in such cases is identical to saying a bullet killed a person, not the gun from which it was fired. And for that matter, expecting any independent and real probe from these authorities into such killings is like expecting robbers to guard a treasure.

The quack science underlying vaccination has taken a heavy toll on life and people’s rights. Most are too uneducated to know about the lack of science in this global scam. Thanks to a handful of serious researchers in the west who keep showing the other side of the vaccine hoax and make parents aware of the risks associated with vaccines – risks far dangerous and severe than the infectious diseases the vaccine industry tries to target.

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