Killing Force: Florida Cop Recklessly Shoots Dead Family Dog

Killing Force: Florida Cop Recklessly Shoots Dead Family Dog

Fact: Trigger-happy cops exist; fact: they shoot people and dogs unnecessarily; and a scary fact: their bullet can hit any civilian, human or dog. This terrifying scenario once again became real to the horror of a Florida home where a policeman shot a family dog dead.florida-city-dog

One of the talked about story now on the web and social media, the incident took place in Florida City, South Florida, Tuesday morning. Surveillance cam video shows the cop checking on a house and reports say he was there to tell the family that their car door was left open. But when the dog came out before the owner, the cop seemed to have panicked, pulled his gun and shot the dog three time – as the owner who witnessed the horror tells.

The 2-year-old dog named, Dutchess, fell dead on the sidewalk and the family is shattered. They want an apology – which of course isn’t enough because the cop acted as a killer in disguise of a friend. It was not his business to talk to somebody about their car door unless it endangered the public, which no car door does I suppose if left open. People can leave their car door open just to aerate it.

But the most important question of course is lack of care. Would the cop shoot a child if it came out and ran toward him? No, and why not? Because human lives matter to the law while animal lives don’t. The law doesn’t care it a dog is killed by its officer.

A family dog is a family member. Killing harmless pets – on their own property – should be a major crime and the punishment should be no less than several years of prison. But then again, when the killer is in uniform, the entire department, the judicial system would stand by his/her side, and justice would die on the sidewalk just like poor Dutchess – who apparently just wanted to say hi and plant a kiss on the (killer) cop’s cheek.

And yes, thank you PINAC for the correct verb in the headline for this story.

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