Ireland: Mom Wants Court to Withdraw License of Unsafe HPV Vaccine

Ireland: Mom Wants Court to Withdraw License of Unsafe HPV Vaccine

As more people become aware of the dangers of vaccines, more court cases involving vaccine injuries are making news around the world. The latest one comes from Ireland where Human papillomavirus (HPV) has adversely affected a teenage girl.Gardasil_vaccine_and_box_new

The Irish Times reports that a nurse named Fiona Kirby is seeking a High Court order to strip Gardasil HPV vaccine of its license since it is unsafe. Kirby’s affidavit is based on her own experience as a parent. She tells that her daughter suffered debilitating symptoms within 24 hours of getting the HPV vaccine, including nausea and fatigue and other flu-like symptoms, leading to hospitalization.

Meanwhile, a Facebook page called Irish Vaccination Awareness has criticized the Ireland’s Health Services (HSE) for preaching safety of the HPV vaccine to parents in Ireland. The page termed it “an irresponsible and potentially dangerous statement” by HSE given that the Europeans Medicines Agency (EM) is reviewing the safety of this vaccine.

More cases reported of serious HPV adverse effects by


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