India Makes Ridiculous Move of Imposing Polio Vaccination on Pakistanis

India Makes Ridiculous Move of Imposing Polio Vaccination on Pakistanis

A few years ago, Saudi Arabia made mockery of science and common sense by making it mandatory for Pakistanis and other citizens of the third world countries where polio is claimed to be “endemic” to take oral polio vaccination. The requirement was held regardless of age and was literally imposed on those arriving in Saudi Arabia for hajj (pilgrimage) where the questionable oral polio vaccine (OPV) was given to them at the airport in Jeddah regardless of their vaccination status. oral polio vaccine

Now, India has followed in the footsteps of Saudi Arabia by making it mandatory for Pakistanis and citizens from other third-world countries with reported cases of polio to take OPV prior to arriving in India, as has been reported on The Hindu. Coming to terms with the fact that they are serious, at east appear to be, this nonsensical move still doesn’t make sense.

India’s own claim of polio-free status has little credibility. Despite verified cases of polio caused by the OPV vaccine itself, the World Health Organization (WHO) working in the country – and its workers making millions each year from these vaccination campaigns in otherwise starving poor segment of population – declared it polio-free on mainstream media (which too makes money by running ads for vaccination campaigns). All that was needed to achieve this “polio-free status” was change the name of vaccine-caused polio from “polio” to “non-polio acute flaccid paralysis” – which is clinically indistinguishable from wild polio paralysis.

Interestingly and important to note in India’s new policy is also the exemption of foreign nationals living in polio-infected countries. In other words, an American, European, Saudi Arabian, or Canadian etc living in Pakistan would not be required to take OPV to enter India. Is India really serious in limiting its concern of possible polio virus carriers to their nationality? Are those many foreign national workers who come in contact regularly in office and field with locals, especially during vaccination campaigns.

Basically what India is trying to achieve here has two apparent motives: (1) keep the WHO’s questionable oral polio vaccine going while it has been banned more than a decade ago in the developed west; and (2) make a discriminatory political gesture of superiority over its eternal political rival.

And why wouldn’t it when Pakistanis themselves have gone so low in every state and on every matter of even superficial import? They are beggars before the Saudi fundamentalist state due to religious subservience; they are beggars in the west and almost everywhere else on account of their immigrant worker status; and they are beggars on their own land before the foreign and state-sponsored organizations because they need money even if it at the cost of their integrity and self-respect, whatever of it is left. Fact stands – beggars can’t be choosers; and observation confirms, beggars are most often the losers. If they don’t respect themselves, they won’t see any from others as well.

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  1. First-world country’s main function is to sell something. Third-world countries needs are an infrastructure that allows that happen. Until then, citizens of the third world become part and parcel of dangerous experimental programs.

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