How to Stress Less During a House Move

How to Stress Less During a House Move

by Daniel Bell

Moving house is well known as one of the most stressful things a person can do. It’s up there with divorce and bereavement, guys. I read that in a study. But most of the things you’re stressing about are probably all in your head. If you’ve been organised from the start and you’ve found a great new place to live, then this process should be exciting! Try a few of these easy steps to stress less during this crazy time.stress-house-moving

Start Small

Packing up your entire life into boxes can be overwhelming. But try not to think of it in those terms. Start small with a single room, or even just a section of a room. Creating a list can be fun too. The satisfaction as you tick off each room is hard to beat! If a room seems overwhelming or impractical, why not choose a number of boxes? Aim to pack 5 a day, or 1 or 2 every hour, just as an example. Whatever feels right for you and starts separating the work into manageable “chunks”. Remember, even if you only get a little done, that is a little less to do next time. Focus on your progress rather than all that has to be done.

Change Your Attitude

Moving house can feel like a mega chore. It’s tiring, stressful, and time consuming. I’m not denying that. But try to see it in a positive and enthusiastic way. This is an opportunity for growth and renewal. See yourself as being fortunate enough to try something new. It’s a chance to go through your things and de-clutter too, which we might have put off for years. Instead of viewing things as an inconvenience, see them as part of the journey. Many people have to spruce up areas of their home before they sell and that can be a major pain. But when the home renovators come over, offer them tea and biscuits, or something you’ve cooked. Turn whatever could be seen as an inconvenience into an opportunity for fun and positivity.

Take Time For Yourself

Amidst the chaos, it can be easy to go into overdrive. You know what I’m talking about. The wake up, eat, stress, sleep, repeat cycle. If we have family commitments this can become even worse. We are accustomed to putting them first and making sure they are all comfortable and happy. But it’s important that you do this for yourself too. Eat well and take your vitamins. Don’t risk getting sick at a time when you need a lot of energy. You know the best way to get energy? Rest! The times we need to our energy are the times we should also emphasise rest. Pamper yourself one evening with a foot rub or spritz your pillow with a calming sleep spray.

Have Something to Look Forward To

Of course, moving into a new home will be the reward for all your efforts! But it can still be helpful to have something in the near future to focus on as a reward. It doesn’t have to be as extravagant as a vacation. Most people are pretty financially stretched after a house move. But something like a meal out, or quiet housewarming can be a good idea. Focusing your mind on the positive little things while dealing with day to day hassles can be a great way to stay calm and motivated.

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