Heart Inflammation Reported in COVID Vaccine Shots

Heart Inflammation Reported in COVID Vaccine Shots

Young people who got the useless and dangerous COVID 19 shot are experiencing another serious health effect not listed as a side effect: heart inflammation.

The CDC – the Corrupt Discredited Corporation that is partners with the vaccine mafia – says it is investigating these cases of inflammation in young recipients of COVID 19 vaccines. But we know what it means when CDC says it is investigating something.

The Washington Examiner cited CDC for saying that such an adverse effect can be caused by a “variety of viruses” and that line from the CDC is obviously a distraction from the risk of the COVID shots that they are pushing as part of their corporate and political agenda.

But the heart inflammation is not entirely unreported as last month Israel’s health ministry acknowledged such reports in people up to the age of 30 who got the Pfizer shot. The exact numbers of those experiencing heart inflammation after the vaccination have not been revealed.

It is important to remind that the vaccines for COVID 19 have been shown ineffective and people getting the shots are routinely testing positive for COVID 19. This failure prompted the CDC to change its testing procedures for the vaccinated so as to make more of their tests come negative, thus faking the numbers of COVID again to make the vaccine look effective.

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