Film Quiz 31 – What Movie Is This?

Film Quiz 31 – What Movie Is This?

Ding! It’s Quiz time again. Today’s gonna be a good one, and I’ll say the first of its kind quiz. So let’s cruise through the answer room first to get the answer for the previous quiz.

Answer Room Open

Quiz 30 showed the image of an actor that has secured a timeless slot of recognition and achievement in Hollywood. You can’t have any doubt that it’s Clint Eastwood – the action king of crime thrillers and westerns for over 2 decades in Hollywood. Now you can see in the shot included with the quiz that it’s not a 44 Magnum he is holding, but a broom. Don’t ask why. Just watch the western Joe Kidd (1972) from which the shot was taken for the quiz. Written by Elmore Leonard and directed by John Sturges, the movie has no dull moments and plenty of exciting Harry-like ones. You’ll see how our Dirty Harry is not just good with guns but with other things he can lay his hands on. Tempted enough yet?

Now we move on to Quiz 31!

Quiz Room Open

Instead of showing you a famous actor walking on two, this time it’s a four-pawed hero. Yes, a dog! It’s a dog movie – and who doesn’t love dog movies – and like most other dog movies, it’s a heart-winning one. The quiz asks whether you can tell the name of the movie (not the dog).

So here’s your shot for Quiz 31.

Quiz 31

Hint: This is a movie based on the story of a real life dog who became very famous and is remembered today.

As always, put your answers in the comment box below. See ya all at the next quiz.

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