Germany Imposing New Vaccine-Nazism on Parents

Germany Imposing New Vaccine-Nazism on Parents

Germany’s liberal-fascist government is taking the vaccine Nazism one level up—imposing a new law that will require all parents to seek vaccination counselling or else they could be forced to pay a heavy fine.

Germany’s health minister Hermann Gröhe was quoted by Russia Today saying the measure was taken due to the current measles outbreak in Germany. While the claims of vaccine effectiveness and safety are disputed, the vaccine Nazis impose vaccination one way or other in many parts of the world. Usually they do it in “emergency” when an outbreak occurs and without proving that the outbreak was caused/started by an unvaccinated person, the vaxxers and their media partners start justifying such laws.

The new German law, however, is far more vicious than previous such laws in the developed west because the German government has made it a law for kindergarten-aged children to report their parents if the latter skip vaccination counselling. In other words, the state has taken kids under its wings to use them against their parents, as spies.

And to add to the Orwellian scenario of Germany’s liberal-Hitlerism, parents will now need to listen to and agree with the pharma-run medical “advice” i.e. vaccine propaganda. Their own research, knowledge, and analysis or belief won’t matter. The state will dictate the “fact” and if they refuse to accept it, they pay the state, forcibly.

The leftist-fascist government of Germany has already brought the country to a terrible level of insecurity among its citizens and increasing strangulation of freedom of speech. The vaccine mafia’s interest coming to official imposition in Germany under the new law in question will bring more concern for those people who have to live in the country and don’t agree with the Nazism of the state.

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