Measles Vaccine Kills 15 Children in South Sudan

Measles Vaccine Kills 15 Children in South Sudan

The killing of children by poisoning via vaccination continues worldwide. The latest victims are 15 children in South Sudan who were killed by the measles vaccine this past week in a UN project of mass vaccination of children.

Mainstream propaganda sources, like the BBC, quickly added the word botched to take the blame off the vaccine itself and make it sound like a human error – which even if was the case is a most serious issue and should still qualify for manslaughter or criminal neglect. Whose responsibility was it to ensure the safety of the procedure? And who will hold them accountable?

However, the fact is that the measles vaccine and any other vaccine can cause a number of serious health risks including severe allergic reactions that can sometimes be fatal and other times disabling or at least seriously damaging.

Due to the global influence of the vaccine industry, the United Nations and local governments in the third world easily get away with the deaths and disabilities of children caused by vaccination. Just like the countless previous cases have been quickly suppressed and forgotten, this incident too will likely go unaccountable and the corrupt and criminal business of the vaccine industry continue to make billions off the lives and safety of people.

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