Free Speech Killed Overnight in Canada with New Law

Free Speech Killed Overnight in Canada with New Law

Free speech rights of Canadians have been strangle overnight by the leftist Canadian government as it passed a new bill overnight without due Democratic process.

Canadian patriot Chris Sky joined Stew Peters on The Stew Peters Show on Tuesday (June 22) to break the news of the bill C-10 signed into law giving the government total control of internet content in the country. Sky was seen saying:

They can outright censor virtually anything they want. It is literally the most draconian bill ever passed.

Sky told that under the new bill, free speech will be killed since the government now has given itself the exclusive right to force tech companies into following government directions on internet content. He also talked about how the Canadian government issued a “preemptive” arrest warrant for him to prevent him from speaking at an event, just like some political opponents were deterred with the same kind of warrant to force them into silence.

Michael Geist, Professor of Law at the University of Ottawa, provided details of how the vote on the bill was carried out past midnight in a cunningly orchestrated manner to bypass due process or any real debate. He also gave readers the good news: the bill meant to kill free speech doesn’t stand a chance of passing the senate where it is heading now.

Senator Dennis Dawson, a former Liberal MP and currently a member of the Progressive Senator Group, says there is a “zero-per-cent chance” the Senate will approve it by the end of this week when it breaks for the summer.

So far, the leftist media mobs in the United States and across the world in general have assumed silence on this story. Just like the leftist politics, leftist media is the enemy of free speech and stories that advocate for this civil right are killed via under-reporting or outright avoidance in popular fake news outlets.

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