Film Quiz 28 – What Movie Is This?

Film Quiz 28 – What Movie Is This?

Howdy! The final weekend of February and I just couldn’t wait till next month to get back to you. Can you tell how much I am obsessed with getting you hooked onto my film quiz? And speaking of which, I am glad to see one of you actually got to answer our previous quiz. So before we get to Quiz 28, let’s see who our winner is in the answer room.

Answer Room Open

For Quiz 27, you saw the image of a beauty that appeared in many TV shows and movies in the 80s and 90s. Linda Ferland on recognized the actress as Markie Post. Yes, it’s Markie, the dream of many men for al those years, and maybe a recurring dream for some – simply for her beauty, but also she is a talented actress and it shows in her TV shows and movies. So a big hand for Linda, who seems quite a movie buff. By the way Linda, did you get a clue from the hint that our beauty had something to with post office?

The movie from which the shot in the quiz was taken is the TV movie Visitors of the Night (1995), a sci-fi/thriller written by Michael J. Murray and directed by Jorge Montesi. Other TV fames in the movie included Candace Cameron Bure, who plays Markie’s daughter, and Dale Midkiff who plays the town’s sheriff (and an eligible bachelor).

Now, we’ll move to Quiz 28. Ready?

Quiz Room Open

Okie so we are in the quiz room now. And for Quiz 28, I decided not to ask you about any actor, just the movie. The shot does show the lead actor but in distance. I sure won’t mind if you want to name him too. So here’s the image.

quiz 28

Want a hint? Here.

Hint: A post-apocalyptic sci-fi action movie of the 1970s.

As always, put your answers in the comment box below.

Happy guessing!

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