Film Quiz 27 – Name the Beauty and the Movie

Film Quiz 27 – Name the Beauty and the Movie

Happy February folks! Yeah yeah yeah, who says that? But hey, you know what, I do. And you know being the exception – a good exception – never hurts. That, and there’s another reason why I am asking you to name the “beauty” – you’ll know. Keep reading to get to Quiz 27.

Answer Room Open

Now we are in the answer room. Yes, you did walk with me here all the way. If you don’t remember that’s no big deal, you still are here and so am I to remind you of the previous quiz. You were shown an actor in the image from a movie that also had James Woods in the cast. The movie in question is Eyewitness (1981) by Peter Yates. Yes, that wasn’t what the quiz asked you to answer; only the name of the actor in the image. So that’s William Hurt who plays the lead Daryll Deever, a janitor who is believed to be the eyewitness to a murder. A good thriller with Sigourney Weaver and Christopher Plummer along with Morgan Freeman and Pamela Reed as part of the famed cast aside from Hurt and Woods.

Now, we go to Quiz 27 where we learn why this “beauty” for this month?

Quiz Room Open

Here we are, ready for the next one. For Quiz 27, I am giving you the image of a beauty that appeared in many TV shows and movies in the 1980s and ‘90s, and continued onward. You know February is the Valentine’s month and love necessitates beauty. So that’s the reason you are seeing beauty for this quiz. Now here’s your image for Quiz 27.

Quiz 27

You can either name the beauty or the movie, or both if you think you are real good at movies. No worries, you’ll get your hint – well, hints this time.

Hint 1: This was a TV movie from the 90s.

Hint 2: The actress has something to do with post office.

And the rest is all up to your memory and imagination.

As always, put your answers in the comment box below. I wish you a happy Valentine’s with your beauty of choice.

See you all next time!

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