Film Quiz 25 – Know This Actress and the Movie?

Film Quiz 25 – Know This Actress and the Movie?

Surprise! The Quiz 25 is here sooner than you probably expected. Does that excite you or does that just thrill you out of your chair? In either case, you are likely thinking already about that familiar face you saw in the previous quiz and from what movie was that still taken. One way to find out—run to the answer room to get the curious cat settled.

Answer Room Open

In Quiz 24, you saw the image of a legendary Hollywood star that secured iconic roles and brought the character to life like none else. And you were told the still is from a dystopic movie that came out in the ‘70s. Guess what, somebody guessed it right. Raul Zunzunegui, MD, on Linkedin recognized the inimitable Charlton Heston in Soylent Green (1973). Directed by Richard Fleischer, the movie is a dystopic thriller set in the year 2022 with Heston playing an NYPD detective whose investigation of a wealthy figure’s assassination leads to the discovery of a dark secret about… well, I’ll stop here so as not to spoil it for you! It’s worth watching for Heston alone.

And now we can rush to the next one. Brace up since this one may be a bit harder, though you’ll get your hints. Alright then, time for Quiz 25. So on to the quiz room.

Quiz Room Open

For Quiz 25, you are going to see a very fine actress in a movie that was based on a real life story. She played the lead character and an eponymous one. So you are being asked to guess who the actress is and what movie you see in this shot.

Quiz 25

Hint: This lady celebrated her 88th birthday this month.

So here’s your shot.

As always, your answers go in comment box below.

Happy guessing and I’ll see you next time!

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