Film Quiz 19 – Think You Can Name the Actor and the Movie?

Film Quiz 19 – Think You Can Name the Actor and the Movie?

Alrighty! The hell with corona and other hoaxes cz it’s quiz time! Warning: it’s more contagious and real than the corona scare, and you can participate despite any lockdown. Tempted, aren’t you? So no more wasting time. Let’s barge into that  virtual answer room for the previous quiz.

Answer Room Open

In Quiz 18 you were shown a still from the sci-fi/comedy The Cat from Outer Space (1978) directed by Norman Tokar. The movie starred Ken Berry and Sandy Duncan in lead roles along with the feline character “Jake” – a cat from outer space whose spaceship lands on earth due to a technical issue and has to recruit help from a scientist, Frank (Berry), to return to his planet.

Now the actress in the image include with the quiz can’t be Ken Berry (or so I believe). So that leaves Sandy Duncan to be the actress in question. Yet, hardly anyone who has been a fan of TV/movies of the 70s needs this ruling out of Berry to tell Sandy—popular as she was.

That said, let’s head for the exit door and cruise into the Quiz Room for Quiz 19.

Quiz Room Open

So here we are. Quiz 19 is ready. Are you? Now here’s your shot. Take a look.

quiz 19

The actor needs no hints to be named – a household name. But if you must, then he is the son of a very talented actor of classic Hollywood, an icon who passed away just recently. The movie is from the 90s (maybe you can tell by the image) and is a memorable drama/thriller with a central compelling character that outshines pretty much everyone and everything around him.

Leaving it to you to figure it out. If you have already, just put your answers in the comment box below. If not, happy guessing!


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