Film Quiz 12 – Know the Movie and the Actor?

Film Quiz 12 – Know the Movie and the Actor?

Bells ringing! Yes, it’s time to test your film proficiency. Think you are the know-it-all in the film world? Cool. Let’s see if you can tell this shot. But before you give it a shot, You’ll go through the answer room. Ready?

Answer Room Open

Welcome to Quiz 11 that you saw and uh oh, couldn’t answer! No worries. here you learn. So the shot in that quiz was from J. Lee Thompson’s The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975). the actor in view is Michael Sarrazin who plays the protagonist Dr. Peter Proud, a teacher who has nightmares from his past life and sets out to find out about his past. A good mystery thriller with a twist at the end.

Quiz Room Open

And now you get to the new quiz. If you love horror and are into those cult-following series, this may be your kind of film. Hint: this movie had a lot to do with balls. So here’s your shot.

Put your answers in the comment box. See ya next time!! Happy guessing!


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