Film Quiz 11 – Can Name the Movie and the Actor?

Film Quiz 11 – Can Name the Movie and the Actor?

The bells are ringing… yes, it’s not just your ears – the quiz bells are really ringing again. But before you rush to see the new one, remember you gotta see the answer to the older one, right?

So first, you go to the answer room – Ding!

Answer Room Open

And here we are looking at Quiz 10. The actor of course is the unforgettable Sir Christopher Lee. And the shot is from the 1972 horror cult classic Horror Express by Eugenio Martín. Shot nearly entirely in a train-interior setting, the movie is the story of an ancient creature’s fossil coming to life – to the horror of the passengers – onboard a train from China to Europe. Lee plays Professor Alexander Saxton, a British anthropologist who is taking the fossil to Europe. It’s one of its kind of a horror flick – worth watching and enjoying for a classic feel of horror atmosphere.

Quiz Room Open

And now folks, your much-awaited Quiz Number 11! So open your eyes-wide please. Thank you! And here’s your shot!!!

Ah, I knew you would be all screaming “Hint!!!!!” Okie then. It’s a paranormal/thriller. That is my opinion. The movie is actually classified as a horror/mystery on IMDB and rated R. Since I feel generous today I’ll give you another one – this movie has to do with past lives. Happy now?

Put your answers in the comment box. See ya next time!! Happy guessing!

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