Film Quiz 13 – Name the Movie and the Stars

Film Quiz 13 – Name the Movie and the Stars

Alrighty, the wait’s over for it’s quizzzzzzzzzzz time again! Hear the bells, yes? Let’s go to the Answer Room to answer the previous quiz.

Answer Room Open

So Quiz 12 was a shot from a horror movie that—as the hint told—had to do with balls. Now if you have been reading the blog lately you’d probably already know the answer to the quiz since the movie review was posted AFTER the quiz and had a big ball in the image.

It’s from the 5th and final movie in the cult-classic Phantasm by Don Coscarelli. Titled Ravager, the finale adds to the Phantasm world with a new layer of reality-illusion web with its lead characters. Series leads reprise their roles in Ravager and series protagonist “Reggie” played by Reggie Bannister is what the shot in Quiz 12 presented. Have the balls to see the next quiz? Let’s run outa here and into the Quiz Room.

Quiz Room Open

Your shot is all ready for you as you can see below. And so is your hint: the leading lady of this movie has been a charmer of audiences because of her matches beauty in the Golden Period of Hollywood and in this movie she plays mother to a young son who is a juvenile delinquent.

So can you name the actors in the shot?

Put your answers in the comment box. And happy guessing!

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