Film Quiz 10 – What Movie and Actor You See Here?

Film Quiz 10 – What Movie and Actor You See Here?

The bells are ringing… ah yes, the bells. Wedding? Wrong building dude, this is the quiz bell!

So first, you go to the answer room – Ding!

Answer Room Open

Okay folks, before you start flinging shoes, maybe even your dirty socks at us, we’ll give you your answer to Quiz 9. These are the screen legends Audrey Hepburn and Walter Matthau in the mystery/thriller Charade (1963) by Stanley Donen. Hepburn plays Regina Lampert, a recently widowed woman who is being by a bunch of men apparently seeking some sort of treasure left by her husband – something she is not aware of. It’s set in Paris and was actually filmed there.

By the way, Walter Matthau has a special role on the film but is not romantically coupled with Hepburn in this film – and who would actually do that when Cary Grant is there too. No offense to Matthau’s fan (and this quizbugger is one).

Okay folks, out of the door – and yes, sorry for those of you who haven’t seen this one or worse—those who don’t know Hepburn and/or Matthau. Get to your movie sites now and see some classic stuff! Okay, now out of the door into the quiz room.

Quiz Room Open

And now, ladies and gentlemen, your much-awaited Quiz Number 10! Put your seeing devices on if you need any. If not, just open your eyes-wide please. Thank you! And here’s your shot!!!

Quiz-10 image

Okay, enough staring! I know this guy looks familiar. He is a legend! Oh heck yeah, what do you mean we say this about every actor her? This quiz IS about legends – or many times at least it is.

Hints? Ah well, just when we thought we won’t need to this time… Well, okay. Let’s see.

Okie, this one is a horror movie and has a cult following and it relates travel.

No, no more – out now! See ya next time!! Happy guessing!

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