5 Fun Reasons to Learn English

5 Fun Reasons to Learn English

by Nicole Rodriguez

Learning a new language is challenging, especially if verbal linguistics is not your dominant intelligence. In fact, it’s actually a humbling experience. It feels as if you’re a child trying to remember new words, trying hard to articulate phrases and sentences in the simplest version possible, and learning a new set of grammar rules. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself laughing at your own mistakes, but hey, it’s part of it—one of the fun moments you’ll fondly recall.

At times, you’d feel like giving up. There are those moments when you thought, “Hey, I can speak these words and sentences fluently already”, but all of a sudden, your mind turns into a blank page, you just can’t remember anything! But don’t throw your hands up in despair yet. Remember what motivated you in the first place to learn a new language. When you do so, you’ll feel your heart pumping with excitement to go on once again.

Take a look at these five fun reasons to learn English. It might just be what you need right now to keep yourself motivated.

  1. Learning English gives you more career opportunities or better yet, let you land your dream job.

The ability to speak multiple languages is apparently an edge over other job applicants who can only communicate fluently with their mother tongue. Various industries use English as the main language in compiling specific jargons for a particular profession. That would include engineering, science and technology, mathematics, computers, medicine, aviation, and more.

Many young adults today define their dream job as something where they could fully express their passion, creativity, and individuality. More than that, it is something that gives them freedom in creating their ideal work-life balance. It allows them to work anywhere even while strutting the globe.

Learning English provides better opportunities for that. You’ll have bigger chances of landing a remote job that allows you to work literally anywhere as long as there’s a reliable internet connection that enables you to communicate with your boss and send your deliverables within the given deadline. Read more reasons on this article why you should learn different languages for your career.

  1. It may allow you to expand your business and diversify your market.

You might not be dreaming of becoming a hardcore entrepreneur who have tons of business connections worldwide. You might not be aiming to be an owner of a giant company with countless branches even in the remotest parts of other countries.

However, learning a known international language like English allows you to expand your business and diversify your market through online platforms such as your own website, blog, YouTube channel, or online-selling channels like Amazon and eBay.

  1. You’ll have easier communication with other people whenever you travel.

How many times have you traveled and kept Google Translate handy just to be able to ask for directions or where the nearest shop is? Basic conversations don’t have to be as complicated as that when you know a common language that many people know as well, even just on the basic level.

Read more here: https://solotravelerworld.com/travel-language/

More than that, you’ll be able to have more meaningful conversations with other people from other countries and learn more about their culture as well as their unique attitudes and beliefs. Who wouldn’t want to make new friends from other lands?

  1. You can consume lots of content across various media publications and channels.

Many books, magazines, films, and music use English. Many bloggers write posts in this language, too. What does that mean for you? You’ll be able to find great references and learning materials both for your personal interests or educational purposes.

  1. Perhaps, you can even meet the love of your life from another part of the globe.

What if the reason why you can’t find the love of your life in your own land is simply because he or she isn’t there? Who knows you might find your significant other 10,000 kilometers away from your home! Isn’t that a great motivation to start learning a new language like English? What’s great is that, English is being offered in any part of the world. If you’re feeling like your soulmate is in Istanbul then why not go and take Bakırköy ingilizce kursu (English course) there? Right? You just simply have to follow your heart and everything will surely fall into place.

Sure, you can even think about tons of reasons why you should learn English and other languages out there that sound interesting to you. It will be a challenging and humbling experience yet fun and beneficial. Start now!

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Nicole is a full-time content writer. She lives in Ohio with her husband, 2 daughters and their dogs.

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