Famous Soccer Player Gets Mumps Despite Vaccination

Famous Soccer Player Gets Mumps Despite Vaccination

Vaccines don’t work so it’s no wonder that mumps vaccine failed to protect famous soccer star Neymar against mumps. News say he is out of UEFA Super Cup game for two weeks.CDC vaccine

The Daily Sheeple pointed to the failure pf vaccination in protecting players, including Neymar more recently, against the so-called “vaccine-preventable” diseases. The story also reminds readers that last year, mumps got several hockey payers of NHL despite that fact that they had vaccinated against the disease.

Readers who stay on top of the news about vaccines and public health would also know that the University of Queensland in Australia is seeing a small outbreak of measles with three students having contracted the disease so far.

Important to observe is the lack of information on the vaccination status of these students. Usually when media omits such information, it serves the vaccine industry, particularly in combination with statements from “experts” that justify vaccinations in self-contradictory phrasing:

“Vaccination now will not prevent infection from any possible exposure to the three UQ cases, but will provide protection if there are more cases.” ~ Public Health Physician Dr. James Smith.

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