Saudi Arabia Kills More of Its Allies in Yemen

Saudi Arabia Kills More of Its Allies in Yemen

When you have an ally like Saudi Arabia, you don’t need an enemy to kill you. This was literally proven yesterday when the Saudi invaders killed at least 20 of their own allies in Yemen during the war with the Houthi rebels that control the Yemen’s capital now.Yemen map with flag inside

This is not the first instance of deadly Saudi clumsiness in war that has made news. Last month, as the same source tells, they killed a dozen of their allies in Lahj Province and injured many others.

In late March, Saudi airstrikes – backed by the UN – killed at least 40 people in a refugee camp. These were the victims of Saudi aggression and of the politically-economically driven United Nations.

Historically Saudis have been characterized by their laziness, promiscuity, and exploitation of others all made possible by their wealth of oil. So when they decide to fight, they beg for allies and their only strategy of war is to keep indiscriminate bombing – killing civilians, their own allies, and by chance their enemies.

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