Diseases – Lies Vs Reality

Diseases – Lies Vs Reality

by Dr. Stefanie Hillinger

I work in the Therapy Center of the Dayeng Foundation. The foundation was founded by Prof. Lupus Dayeng in 2001. Our therapy center successfully treats most diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, neurodermatitis, Parkinson’s disease, borreliosis, AIDS and many more diseases. I would like to publish some truths about these so-called diseases.

Strictly speaking, these are not diseases. Nearly all of these “diseases” are a disturbed immune system. For example, AIDS is not a disease and HIV viruses do not exist. Not a single doctor or scientist has been able to identify or display an HIV virus. It is a virus infection that a weak immune system cannot cope with. These so-called HIV tests do not detect any HIV virus.
It is only demonstrated that antibodies are more active than, so to speak, normally. But this is usually very relative. In a person who has a harmless, small infection, the antibodies are of course more active, or are formed more. That is all. A test for a so-called HIV infection cannot be this procedure. Or what do you mean?

This test does not search for a virus. Why not, if this virus should exist? Many people were tested in a country with a positive result and the same people in another country negative. How can that be? The secret is simple. In the first test, people had a small, virus infection. In the second test, this virus infection was no longer present. This AIDS story is a large-scale dizziness. Not a single scientist has ever found a so-called HIV virus.

In order to keep this vertigo upright, the supposedly positively tested humans are given drugs as soon as possible. These drugs make the immune system very weak. Understand the trick. A sick immune system deceives this invention AIDS, because it is said that AIDS is an immune deficiency disease. Yes, after these drugs are taken, it is. So-called AIDS patients who have not taken these drugs are healthy. All the people who took these deadly drugs are dead. Strange, right? Ask a doctor that he shows you such an HIV virus, of course, no computer animation, a real virus. Then you will see what the doctor used for an excuse. So once again, an HIV virus does not exist! Do not let yourself get sick of a billion-dollar industry.

The same applies to cancer. Cancer is a reaction of a weak and disturbed immune system. The immune system interprets something wrong and it comes to a reaction. Healthy cells are seen as an enemy. What causes this malfunction of the immune system? One-sided and nutrient-poor nutrition, for example in Africa. In the industrialized countries a wrong nutrition, unclean air, chemical bombs in the form of personal care products and, of course, pharmaceuticals are responsible for the disease.

Look at the doctor’s waiting rooms, these are always full. Many people voluntarily fetch your dose of immunodeficiency. The pharmaceutical industry has no interest in healthy people, as the profits have to rise. A gigantic system, including governments, the media, ensures that the profits are constantly rising. Doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, pharmacies and so on.

Healthy people bring no profits. In order to secure profits, the pharmaceutical industry even invents diseases. So, wake up, you are made ill by a giant industry. Already the babies are vaccinated sick, so that their immune system does not work from the beginning. What’s in the vaccines? Have you ever asked a doctor this question? Why not? If you buy a car, then ask the seller many questions about the car before you buy it. Why do you blindly inject something into the small body of your baby without knowing what it is?

I’ll tell you what’s in the vaccines. Aluminum (attacks the brain and the nerve cells), mercury (causes epilepsy, Parkinson’s and destroys brain cells), formaldehyde (kills cells and causes cancer) and many more chemicals. Would you drink such a cocktail? No? Why do you let this vaccinate into your baby?

Also many other diseases are caused by the elements described here: allergies, skin diseases, asthma, and so on.

Together with other scientists, Prof. L. Dayeng has researched this internationally for many years. Then Prof. Dayeng founded the Dayeng Foundation and opened a therapy center that heals these alleged diseases, including cancer. The successes are extraordinarily high. Since the year 2001 we heal patients with many symptoms. It is important to know the background of diseases. A very intensive knowledge of biology and the absolute independence from the pharmaceutical industry and the complete system of this major complication enable this healer sequence.

Have you never wondered why these diseases did not exist in earlier times? Have you never wondered why people were healthier in the past, even though there was no pharmaceutical industry? Have you never wondered why many of these diseases are getting more and more people, although there is supposedly such a cost-intensive pharmaceutical research? Is not that a paradox? It is researched naturally, researched for new disease fantasies to further increase the profits of these disease-causing pharmaceuticals. Of course, we can also prove all this written here, the problem with many people, however, they do not want to know it. Closing your eyes is more comfortable for many, but unfortunately more lethal.

Say goodbye to manipulation and lies. We will be pleased to help you. But you must want it. We are a foundation and therefore not interested in profits, we take the Hippocratic Oath seriously. But we also want, in addition to therapy, to inform about a system that cannot more be inhuman. A lot of information videos, in German and English, we also published on YouTube at the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0E1Hmwi1NNZecA3_2kujtQ.


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