Hot Weather and Mosquitoes

Hot Weather and Mosquitoes

In Pakistan, mosquitoes dominate the summers literally everywhere. It’s difficult to sleep in most places, especially at night, in an average Pakistani house in summer. But on some real hot days, the little vampires appear to have vanished in thin air.

In Peshawar during the dog days, mosquitoes would disappear when the heat hits the peak. That is some relief for those who need a peaceful night sleep without being bugged by blood-suckers through most/all the night. Of course the flip side is the extreme heat that makes sleep uncomfortable and you feeling parched and thirsty during the night – unless you have air-conditioning, which most people in Pakistan can’t afford.

An article on AccuWeather tells that in extreme hot weather, mosquitoes may become less active during the night, but after temperature fall, they may return with greater activity and likely more viruses in their bodies.

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