Dead En Route Compassion – RIP Paul Walker

Dead En Route Compassion – RIP Paul Walker

Famous Hollywood star Paul Walker died today in a car crash in Valencia, CA. According to Chicago Tribune, Walker Paul Walkerwas 40 and known primarily for his immensely successful Fast and Furious films.

Walker delivered an unforgettable performance as Jerry Shepard in the 2006 film Eight Below – the story of loyalty of a man who returns to the rescue his sled dogs left behind at an Antarctica research center. The film won two well-known awards and wide critical acclaim.

In his off-screen life, Walker was an animal lover and a compassionate philanthropist. His tragic death today happened while he was returning from charity event to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines. He lived and died for others.

As a hero on and off screen, Paul Walker will remain alive in the hearts of millions of his fans – this scribe included.

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