CoolCapture — Photography Tips: Get Feedback

CoolCapture — Photography Tips: Get Feedback

Hi folks,

Today’s tip is particularly for those who love to shoot lots of pics. Are you one of those “photoholics”?

Then here’s today’s tip for you:

ü  If you take a lot of photos, always go back to look at them! Oftentimes, you’ll overlook pictures that may have been more interesting than you thought originally. Also, have someone who’s not afraid to criticize you look at them for some honest feedback.

Matt Harding. All Rights Reserved.
© Matt Harding. All Rights Reserved.

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Matt Harding is a student, photographer, and journalist, who is passionate about sharing his work with the world. Harding has self-published a book in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan, and looks to begin work on a similar photo project in Cape Town, South Africa. Visit his Project Page here.


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