Greek Authorities Pressing to Close Cat Sanctuary

Greek Authorities Pressing to Close Cat Sanctuary

Meant to solve problems facing the people and the land, authorities are today becoming a problem themselves. It’s happening everywhere and, sadly, Greece is no exception. Greek authorities are reportedly pressing The Rhodes Animal Welfare Society for closing a cat sanctuary at Kalithea Spa in

A Care2 petition started by the concerned society is urging the Mayor of Rhodes, Lee Minaldis, not to close the sanctuary. The society fears that the sanctuary’s closure will make many cats suffer and aggravate the miserable situation of stray cats in the area.

The petition states, “Closure will deny the cats the chance of being re-homed, treated for disease and getting the welfare that they so urgently need.”

It also expresses concern over the fate of most strays in the area – poisoned to death by the authorities after the tourists who come here frequently have left the area.

To date the petition has received nearly 1800 signatures while it needs another 700 names to reach its target of 2500 signatures.

Sign the petition online on Care2 to help the cats in Rhodes stay safe

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