China’s Potential Military Aid to Russia against Ukraine Panics Biden Administration

China’s Potential Military Aid to Russia against Ukraine Panics Biden Administration

February 24 marked one full year of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war with the Biden administration renewing its commitment to fight with Ukraine against Russia. While the war has entered a key phase with Russia closing in on the key city of Bakhmut, for the Biden administration seems queasy of one problem that is becoming an unrelenting political headache – China.

Last week, Biden made a “surprise visit” to Ukraine while he was visiting Poland to promise the Ukrainian government America’s continued support in their war against Russia. Within days after Biden’s visit, his administration announced another $10 billion in support to Ukraine, indicating a new push by the American military establishment for war against Russia using Ukraine as a proxy.

Meanwhile, China unofficially entered the Russo-Ukraine war in two important ways. First, it offered a peace plan between the countries at war – a plan that politically hurts the Biden administration and his globalist masters who are defending Ukraine as the headquarters of their corruption.

But if the globalist agenda-driven news sources are to be believed, China is considering sending weapons to Russia to be used in its war against Ukraine. The resulting reaction of the US and the west to this uncorroborated piece of news is at once confusing and surprising. While America is allied militarily with over two dozen countries – including two superpowers (UK and France) – and has been providing billions of dollars worth of military equipment and training to Ukraine, it wants China not to do the same for Russia. Hypocrisy much?

China has responded to the US warnings with a statement that calls it bullying.

Meanwhile, the fighting over the control of Bakhmut, the embattled key city in Donetsk that voted for annexation with Russia and has been declared as Russian territory by Russian law, has entered a critical stage. Sources on both sides of the political and military divide disagree over who dominates the battle for Bakhmut. Ukrainian dictator Zelensky has stated that “the situation is worsening” in an indication of suffering losses on the Bakhmut front.

Following is the latest from Stew Peters on the Ukraine war.

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