CDC Withdrawing PCR Test Used to Create the Pandemic Hoax

CDC Withdrawing PCR Test Used to Create the Pandemic Hoax

In a tell-tale move of confessing its fraud, the Corrupt Discredited Corporation (CDC) has informed everyone that it is withdrawing the PCR test use request to FDA starting December 31st 2021. So the test they used to diagnose millions and millions of cases worldwide to declare a pandemic won’t be valid anymore. The pandemic hoax entering its climax here.

On July 21, CDC posted a notification of Lab Alert on its website informing all those using the PCR test to diagnose COVID 19 that it is withdrawing its request for its PR test authorization for emergency use and recommends that labs start using any of the alternative tests approved by the FDA.

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Interesting to see though that the agency did not hold back from public why it is switch gears now, although in a carefully worded expression.

CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses.

And the cat of confession is straight out of the bag of lies. Skeptics have been pointing to the fact that the PR test gives false positives and cannot distinguish different infections, even non-infection (the so-called asymptomatic COVID). Now the CDC is tacitly admitting it and at the same covering it up by referring to improved tests that “can save both time and resources as we head into influenza season.”

Worthy to note is the CDC’s sudden concern with the flu. Now that the COVID pandemic hoax has been used to steal a vitally important election in the most important political battle in the world as well rush and impose another vaccine on people, it’s time for the pharma-aligned quack scientists to start preparing for selling flu vaccine. After all, the overtake of COVID and its vaccines must be putting flu vaccine makers out of their business.

CDC’s long history of fraud and pseudo-science will be enough to create an encyclopedia of its own – the culmination of it coming in the past 2 years when it allowed the PCR test to be used to diagnose COVID 19 while actively engaging in fudging numbers of test results and deaths as well as tailoring its science every other day to fit its lame narrative of vaccine effectiveness a and safety. Given everything, however, the sad fact remains that CDC works above the law and won’t be held accountable no matter what it does and how much it destroys the country and its people.

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