Revealed: Secret Launch of Salt in Atmosphere to Block Sun

Revealed: Secret Launch of Salt in Atmosphere to Block Sun

The lunacy of liberalism on steroids in all spheres of life, and science is no exception. In the latest series of revelations, University of Washington researchers have released microscopic salt particles into the atmosphere to try blocking sunlight reaching the earth.

On April 4, Scientific American posted the article “Geoengineering Test Quietly Launches Salt Crystals into Atmosphere” to report on the experiment carried out in San Francisco as “nation’s first outdoor test to limit global warming” in attempted modification of solar radiation. In other words, the researchers want to cover the earth’s surface under a layer of artificial clouds to reflect the sunlight before it reaches the surface.

The article warned that large-scale use of such geoengineering of the atmosphere can change “weather patterns in unclear ways” and potentially affect the productivity of fisheries and farms.

Peter Sweden called it can “actual conspiracy” in his April 7 substack post. Peter wrote:

No wonder they tried to keep it secret, because I think most people wouldn’t be happy to know that people are trying to modify the weather and block the sunlight.

He reminded that blocking the sunlight can bring lower the temperature and make colder temperatures dangerously cold:

In Sweden we had the COLDEST January night of the century. It was -48,8C in Arjeplog. I do not really want it to get any colder – Thank you!

The controversial science of the so-called climate change has become the unofficial religion of the left with media and politically affiliated activists collaborating across borders to advocate against fossil fuels while liberal elites doing the opposite of what they preach. Now by secretly altering the sunlight in a literally dark scenario, liberals are up in the air with risk to all and care for none.

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