Important Non-Vaccine Mandates for Businesses

Important Non-Vaccine Mandates for Businesses

Presstitute Ryan Cooper of the leftist propaganda rag The Week wants businesses to ban unvaccinated people. How much he (assuming it’s a male) received for this pimping work for the vaccine industry is not disclosed with his story featured on propaganda website Yahoo.

The presstitute in question repeated the ongoing lie of a Delta variant in his vaccine-pimping rant and claimed that vaccine mandates won’t be unconstitutional since businesses have other requirements like requiring people to wear clothes. But if businesses have the right to do so, how about all those patriotic American businesses enforcing the following mandates.

  1. Customers need to bring their complete medical history and the current doctor they are seeing to testify under oath that those records are accurate to the best of their knowledge so as to make sure no customer entering a business is a public health risk.
  2. All customers need to be dressed in American flag clothing and/or carry an American flag in their right hand to show that they love this country. Anti-American sentiments are a public health risk and safety hazard and people with those sentiments can be dangerous to the lives of true Americans at any business.
  3. Complete financial history of everyone entering a business facility to make sure any freeloaders and suspiciously funded people are returned at the door. Financial crimes are the root cause of destruction, including bad health, so it’s important to keep those crooks out. This requirement will also weed out the funding and sponsorship of illegal aliens in the country.
  4. Most importantly, every business should require photo ID issued by the state/government to make sure no illegals sneak in the facility as they did in the country. ICE must be called immediately in case anyone lacks or refuses to show a valid ID.
  5. And since safety matters, every customer should go through a background search to make sure no criminal or abuser is allowed in to risk the safety of others.

These are some of the suggestions for mandates to ensure safety of the public. If you have more to suggest, feel free to post using the comment box below. 🙂

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