Call for Firing Florida Cop Accused of Sexually Approaching Teen

Call for Firing Florida Cop Accused of Sexually Approaching Teen

A police officer in Hialeah, FL, was suspended after asking a teenage girl sexually explicit questions and making her strip in front of him. Activists are outraged over the incident and want more than just paid leave for the officer in question.

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The incident made news last month when Sgt. Jesus Menocal, Jr. allegedly pulled a car with two teen girls in for making a wrong U-turn. The story goes that he took one of them for interrogation in a separate room and made her strip after asking her sexually explicit questions – implying that he was aroused while on duty and approaching the girl sexually.

Menocal, son of an ex police chief, has reportedly been suspended over the allegations. Meanwhile activists are asking for his removal from his job as a petition on targets Hialeah Chief of Police Sergio Velazquez to take action against the cop over sexual abuse charges as brought up by the 17-year-old girl against him.

The petition adds some details of the legacy of corruption in Menocal’s law-enforcement relatives, including his father and uncle. It reads: “I ask that you take a personal stand against police abuse and corruption. Officers who have spoken up in the past have been fired or framed for other crimes.”

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