Breaking: Obama’s Brother Shares Birth Certificate Showing Kenya as Obama’s Birthplace

Breaking: Obama’s Brother Shares Birth Certificate Showing Kenya as Obama’s Birthplace

Former American President Barack Obama’s place of birth has been a controversial topic for well over a decade now and despite the media’s desperate efforts to prove Obama was actually born in America, documents keep surfacing that show otherwise. In the latest such case, Obama’s step-brother Malik Obama shared a document that shows it is a certified copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. And it shows that Obama was born in Kenya.

The certificate copy was tweeted by Malik Obama on Monday, June 15th with the simple question: “What’s this?”


The certificate copy shows that it was issued by the Office of the Principal Registrar, Coast Province, Republic of Kenya. The entries in the certificate copy show that Barack Obama was born on August 4th, 1961 at the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa – which is a coastal city in Kenya.

This copy of Obama’s birth certificate shared by Malik Obama comes as a blow to the leftist groups’ and Democrats’ insistence on Hawaii, US, as Obama’s birthplace. Questions raised about Obama’s birthplace are labeled as conspiracy theories” by leftists and mainstream media.

In 2011, a Hawaii health official named Loretta Fuddy released a copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate showing his place of birth was Honolulu, Hawaii. In December 2013, Fuddy died somewhat mysteriously in an emergency plane landing in sea wherein all other passengers aboard the plane survived except her. There have been speculations that she was assassinated by masking it as an accident.

The new certificate shared by Malik Obama also shows an interesting detail different from the Hawaiian version. It shows that Obama’s father was 26 years old at the time of Barack’s birth while the Hawaiian version lists Obama’s father as 25 years old.


Malik Obama’s tweet sharing Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate is also significant as it is not coming from just anyone but his own family member, one who shares the same father as Barack.

Can we expect mainstream media to jump on it and will it make international headlines? Likely not since Leftist mainstream media tends to shy away from evidences exposing their frauds and political lies.

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