Beware of Mother’s Day Scam on Facebook

Beware of Mother’s Day Scam on Facebook

Special days are not free of special scams on social media. Mother’s Day is here and people celebrating the day by sharing the motherhood experience on Facebook are being cautioned about a scam that could result in identity theft.

Today, The Daily Dot advised moms against sharing personal information of their children on Facebook since a post on the site invites them to do so in the spirit of celebration of Mother’s Day. The warning is also being issued to parents by local police departments.Identity Theft Warning Sign

There is no precise information given in the cautionary calls as to how this information can be misused and by whom but the general concern seems to arise out of the fear that the information provided can be used to search the web or other sources to find additional details about the person(s) whose details are provided on Facebook and ultimately could lead to identity theft.

Better safe than sorry is a good approach, still too much fear also takes away from life. So play it safe but not too safe to lock yourself in too tight!

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