Belgium Destroys Ivory Stock, Condemns Ivory Trade

Belgium Destroys Ivory Stock, Condemns Ivory Trade

Taking a major step in the global struggle for protection of elephants against cruelty, Belgium has destroyed its stock of 1.5 tons of ivory.ivory

Strait Times wrote that the move signifies a strong message to elephant poachers. International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) head Azzedine Downes was quoted saying that aside from killing an elephant every 15 minutes, the ivory trade is illegal and part of organized crime.

Care2 informs that Belgium’s move against ivory trade comes shortly after the Conference on the EU Approach Against Wildlife Trafficking, which was held this week and included representative of EU member states discussing how to fight the illegal trade in ivory.

Care2 sent the story’s link in their email newsletter to subscribers with the heading “Another Country Takes a Symbolic Stand for Elephants”.

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