4 Easiest Ways to Improve Digestive and Immune Systems

4 Easiest Ways to Improve Digestive and Immune Systems

by Muddassir Hoseinfruit

Did you ever experience gas, bloating, constipation, or allergies? You would have experienced what a challenging task it is to get relief from these problems. Though certain popular diets claim to provide long-lasting health, like the blood type diet, but these diets do not help everybody. What we actually need is to keep our body’s natural internal ecosystem at its best. It can be achieved by empowering healthful bacteria and digestive enzymes, scavenging unhealthy foods that halt or slow down digestion and absorption, and follow a few healthy eating habits that will improve the digestion process. We’ll talk about four ways that are in accordance with body ecology diets and strengthen natural immunity.

1. Reduce the Sugar Consumption to Half

Studies have already proven that high intake of sugar is poisonous for our body. Even the natural sweeteners, like fruits or honey, if taken excessively, damage the digestive system by producing internal yeast and causing overgrowth of Candida. People taking high amount of sweets should stop eating it for 7 to 14 days and then cut the sugar consumption to half of their previous consumption.

2. Increase the Intake of Lacto-Fermented Foods

Fermented vegetables, e.g. sauerkraut, are a big source of probiotics and digestive enzymes. These foods help in breaking down and absorbing food nutrients. These foods vigorously improve our immune system and lead to a positive mind. It is important that the vegetables you buy are raw and lacto-fermented and not soaked in vinegar.

3. Take Fruits with an Empty Stomach

This advice is clearly against the well-acknowledged rule of eating desserts after a meal. The concept is that fruits, or any other natural sweeteners, like honey, have to wait for digestion, because there is already food in stomach being processed. The fruit will start fermenting and produce toxins, which are unhealthy for our body. The advice is you should eat fruits, juice, or any other natural sweetener with empty stomach and wait for at least 2 hours before taking your meal. It will not only satisfy your sweet buds, but also ensure digestive integrity.

4. Reduce Caffeine and Alcohol Use

When you drink coffee, caffeinated tea, cola, high amount of caffeine increases the stress hormone cortisol. Caffeine and alcohol are the major factors for causing and worsening premenstrual syndrome. These drinks should be replaced by decaffeinated herbal teas, milk, fresh squeezed juice, lemon water, almond milk, and alkaline water. People use kangen water ionizers to produce alkaline water because the normal tap water is not healthful as it has pollutants and mineral deposits. Alkaline water has PH of 7, which neutralizes irritating chemicals, removes poisonous chemicals from the body, and improves our natural defensive mechanisms.

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The above article has been provided by freelance research writer Muddassir Hosein.

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